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Electricity Rocks…

This lesson introduces the concept of electric circuits. The lesson explicitly mentions the battery as the source of the electric current needed to light the bulb. Students learn that they must create a complete circuit in order for electricity to move from place to place. The lesson script does not include a definition of energy transfer, but this should be included during the discussion. Further explorations of sound, light, and heat are needed to complete the performance expectation.

Students use potatoes to light an LED clock (or light bulb) as they learn how a battery works in a simple circuit and how chemical energy changes to electrical energy. As they learn more about electrical energy, they better understand the concepts of voltage, current and resistance.

Electricity Rocks…

What would your life be like without electricity? Students begin learning about electricity with an introduction to the most basic unit in ordinary matter, the atom. Once the components of an atom are addressed and understood, students move into the world of electricity. First, they explore static electricity, followed by basic current electricity concepts such as voltage, resistance and open/closed circuits.

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Static Electricity






Van Der Graff










Tesla Coil








Wind Turbine

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