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Give your students and teachers what they really want.  An interactive School Assembly that’s educational, hands-on, & includes a fossil-dig with specimens to keep and take home!


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Our Story


School Assembly

Highly Interactive Program using Genuine Specimens (Taxidermy – not live), Huge Display, Background “Keynote” Movie-Like Presentation that follows our Knowledgable Staff Speaking & Entertaining Your Students & Campers – This has become our Most Sought After Program!! Book Early.

  • You’ll learn fascinating facts on how we use items for the Oceans in our everyday lives.1
  • You’ll learn at least 3 ways on how the Oceans are savings our lives in the most unique ways with Sponges, Coral and Horseshoe Crabs.
  • Amazing facts about Sea Stars, Jellyfish and Lobsters.
  • Learn about what lies underneath the coldest place on earth – Antarctica.
  • See, touch & learn about Sharks.
  • Learn about Manta Rays, Sting Rays, & Blue Whales, Giant Crabs, Sea Horses, Isopods, Octopus, the Blob Fish and more.
  • Finish off with an incredible Sea Shell Dig where your students can keep and take home gorgeous Sea Shells from around the world, fossil shark teeth and more.
Only the Best

Incredible Display – No Water Required!

Highly Interactive Program using Genuine Specimens (Taxidermy – not live), Huge Display – over 30 specimens.

Background “Keynote” Movie-Like Presentation that follows our Knowledgable Staff Speaking & Entertaining Your Students.

This has become our Most Sought After Program!! Book Early.

Pet A Stingray Without Getting Stung!

Touch A Shark Without Getting Bitten!

Dig & Keep Fossil Shark Teeth & More!

Collect Amazing Seashells!


Professional Museum Grade Taxidermy

You’ll need 4-6 tables to hold this impressive dispaly of genuine taxidermy sharks, crabs, sea stars, fish, sea shells and lots more.
HIghly Interactive Presentation

“As If” You’re In A Real Aquarium

Our professionally produced Keynote Presenstation is like have an aquarium in the background of the Presenter.  As the Presenter speaks the screen behind them acts as a giant aquarium with the species in full color and in moving action.
Up-Close & Personal

Giant Sponge

Lots of examples of how Sea-Life impacts our daily lives.  For examp;le, scientists have found that certain Sponges contain elements that can help ward off Cancer – a new development you are going to hear a lot about very soon.
Beautiful Sea Shells

On Display & In The Dig

You’ll see some outstanding examples of beautiful seashells from around the globe.  You’ll also have a opportunity to collect gorgeous seashells in the dig at the end of the Assembly.
Medical Uses

Horseshoe Crab

Another example of how Sea Life is used for medical purposes.  Your students will learn interesting facts about the Horseshoe Crab and how its blood can save your life if you have a hospital stay.

Major Emphasis On Water Pollution

In Support of NJ Clean Communities & preserving our Oceans in general,
we include a section of our OCEANS ROCK Program to making students aware of
the pollution problem we are facing & how they can help correct it as well.

What Principals & PTA Are Saying…

“Best Program”

“The is the Best Program – We’ll so have them back again”

PTA – Elementary School

“Best Program We’ve Ever Had”

“The programs offered are absolutely outstanding.  the kids were engaged, enthused, and totally engrossed in a educational experience.  One of the Best Programs we’ve ever had”

Principal – Elementary School

“Absolutely Fabulous”

“this program was absolutely fabulous.  the kids were so enthusiastic and has so much fun and we really appreciatge you coming to our school”

Teacher – Private School

“Best Field Trip In School”

“Teachers in our school say thiat this is the Best Field Trip In School We Have Ever Had.”

2nd Grade Teacher

A big screen will allow us to show

Beautiful Backgrounds like you see here

Incredible Visuals – Screen Required



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