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Partial List Below

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Total $15K Value – $2,500 for entire storage unit

5 ft wide coelophysis

4 ft wide Icthyosaur

4 ft wide T-REX Head – wall hanging

Genuine sea sponge

Genuine sea sponge

Box amethyst druze

Cast camarasaur claw

Large Triceratops Brow Horns

Mounted Genuine Horseshoe Crab

Genuine Fossil Coprolite

Brand New Science Kits

Giant Cast Prehistoric Scorpion

Cast Megaraptor Claw

Box of Geodes

Giant 3-ft wide Genuine Mounted Alaskan King Crab

Cast Therizinosaur Claw – 23 inches

Genuine Taxidermy Puffer Fish

Genuine Petrified Wood

Genuine taxidemy Wabbagong Shark

Life Size Dinosaur Puzzles (4)

Cast Large Allosaurus Hand

Large 3 1/2 ft wide Taxidemy Grey Shark

Cast Dracorex Dinosaur Skull

Cast Dinosaur Egg Nest

Taxidermy Genuine Large Lobster and Trigger Fish

Boxes & Boxes of Stuff A Dinos, Dinosaur Goodie Bag Gift Items, bulk Fossils, Minerals, Sea Shells.

Electricity Van Der Graff Generator ($1K value alone) plus more


60 3×2 ft bins – many with fossil, gems, sea shells.

Rare Isopod Genuine Taxidermy

Plus LOTS MORE!!  These are only a few photos taken recently.  There are boxes of additional specimens, rocks and minerals, sea shells, dinosaur specimens, ocean specimens, rock and mineral specimens and mounted Insects.  

An AMAZING DEAL for any Science Class or Retail Shop.

Call 917-375-4248

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