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Homeschool & Group (POD) Classes

  • Weekly 1 Hour Live Zoom Class – 5 Science Themes

  • Giant Box of Relate Projects w/Real Fossil & Minerals

  • Hands-On Projects and Downloadable Educational Material

  • Hours Of Interactive Learning & Fun

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Week 1

  • Learn Amazing Facts about Dinosaurs.
  • See incredible specimens up close.
  • T-REX, Brachiosaurus, Raptors, Giant Footprints, Giant Dinosaur Eggs, Enormous Claws, Huge Teeth and more.
  • Dig for REAL Fossils from a custom-made Excavation Block including GENUINE FOSSIL DINOSAUR BONE to identify & keep for your own collection.
  • Build a big dinosaur just like a Museum Curator.

Week 2

  • Did Dinosaurs ever swim?
  • Were sharks swimming the oceans when Dinosaurs were alive?
  • Was the Megalodon Shark bigger than a T-REX?
  • Learn Amazing Facts about the Ocean including SHARKS, Giant Crabs, & cool Prehistoric Sea Creatures that lived millions of years ago including the MEGALODON SHARK.
  • Dig for GENUINE Fossil Shark Teeth including a real “partial” Fossil Megalodon Shark Tooth!
  • Make your own 30 million year old REAL Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace.

Week 3

  • Did Volcanoes play a role in the extinction of Dinosaurs?  What did the earth look like 65 million to over 250 million years ago?  How is it that we find many similar dinosaur skeletons all around the globe?  Did dinosaurs take a plane to travel?
  • Learn really cool facts about 100 million year-old rocks, minerals and gemstones.
  • Dig for amazing crystals and gemstones like quartz, amethyst, citrine, golden pyrite, rubies and emeralds and lots more.
  • Break open a 100 million year old crystal filled geode that’s older than many dinosaurs.  
  • Make and erupt a fun volcano at home!

Week 4

  • Up close and personal with some of the coolest and nastiest looking insects you’ve ever seen.  Learn lots of cool fun prehistoric insect facts.
  • Work on an Amber Discovery Project with Genuine 30-Million Year Old AMBER Specimen to see if you can find a prehistoric Insect.
  • Create fun insect art with a rubbing plate get 2 toy insects to scare everyone with at dinner!

Week 5
Dinosaurs In Space, Meteorites & ROCKETS

  • How do we know that a giant Meteorite actually ended the reign of the dinosaurs?  Learn about different types of Meteorites and other mass extinctions.
  • Did Dinosaurs ever travel to space?  The answer might surprise you?
  • Build a fun ROCKET you can actually fly!
  • Great Intro To Physics
  • Learn from DISCOVERY CHANNELS 1st Place Winner in the Large, Dangerous Rocket Ship Competition.  See some incredible flights of GIANT rockets.
  • Learn about Meteorites as well as the first Dinosaur Skull In Outer Space and more!

Your BIG Box Of Activities & Specimens Gets Shipped Priority Mail To You Right Away!

I just want to thank you so much for all you do for the summer camp. The box sent was amazing. I never expected the weekly materials we’d receive via email also. 

Monday afternoon is the highlight of the week for Charlie. The minute the camp is over, he rushes over to teach me everything he has learned. He’s put a lot of his fossils into display case and has them in his room.

A. Eichberger

New York

Abigail finally finished sorting and categorizing the fossils and rocks you gave her last week. She transformed her closet into a dinosaur museum! I want to thank you again for sparking Abigail’s interest in paleontology and geology. It is amazing how much information she has retained from your classes. We plan on signing up for one of your intensive classes this winter.

S. Bergman


We are so impressed with the authenticity and the first-hand knowledge, as well as your fun & enthusiastic approach to the material.

W. Griffiths


Better than going to the Musuem

Kaci R.


Thank you so much for another amazing program.  I honestly can’t decide which of the 2 programs, Dinosaurs and Oceans, was my favorite.

N. Marabotti


Week 1


Fossil Formation & Detailed Dinosaur Facts on many types of Dinosaurs.  Dinosaur Anatomy.  How Footprints Form.  How Fossils Form.

You get: Highly Interactive Workbooks loaded with amazing projects,  Stegosaurus Dinosaur Wooden Model To Build, Genuine Spinosaurus Fossil Dinosaur Tooth. A Large Genuine Ammonite Fossil.

Week 2
Rocks & Minerals: Plate Tectonics & Volcanoes Made Easy!

How Crystal Form.  Gems & Birthstones, Moh’s Hardness & Rocks Special Properties.  Detailed info on Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks.

You get:  2 Huge Learning Workbooks Book On GEOLOGY, ROCKS & MINERALS loaded with amazing projects for you to work on.  Make-Your-Own-Rock Type Chart, Beautiful Garnet Specimen, Make-Your-Own Moh’s Hardness Chart – 9 specimens except diamond are provided. 3 specimens each: Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks.  4 Fluorescent Rock Specimens.  Magnetic Rock Specimen & A Pyrite “GOLD” Mining Activity.

Week 3
OCEANS, Sharks & Prehistoric Seas

Deep dive into Plesiosaurs, Mosasaurs, Leopleuridon, Megalodon and other prehistoric sharks.  500 Million Year Old Trilobites!  Plus we’ll learn more about many different sharks that live today.

You Get 3 Giant Prehistoric Seas Clip art books & informational material to create your very own Prehistoric Seas Diorama – just like in a Museum.  

You’ll make your very own Shell Fossil.  

You’ll dig out a Real Fossil Mosasaur Tooth from rock just like a Paleontologust and you get a Real Fossil Lamna Obliqua Tooth Specimen (the pre-curser to the Megalodon Shark).

And, you’ll get a piece of 500 Million Year Old Shale to break open to possibly find a real Trilobite.

Week 4

Metamorphosis, Life-Cycles, Butterflies & Moths, Dragonflies, Beetles, Crickets & Grasshoppers, Termites, Ants, Bees & Wasps, Lady Bugs, Scorpions and much more.

You get 2 giant downloadable books to create your own INSECT Encyclopedia & Fact Sheets.  Fun Tumbling Insect.  

Week 5
NASA, Rockets & Planets

In-Depth look at all of the planets that make up our solar system.  Incredible achievements by NASA.  What it’s like to wear a Space Suit.  Basic Rocketry Physics (Newton’s Laws Of Motion).

Model Rocketry as A Hobby.  Build a Rocket that flies with a “paratrooper” and parachute recovery – how exciting!  

You get a giant downloadable book to create your very own Solar System Information Book.  

And you get a Genuine Meteorite!

When you sign up for all 5 sessions, you get the following:


There’s so much material sent to you it might take you months to go through.

Detailed & Fast Paced Virtual Classes

Start with an Amazing Detailed Session on  DINOSAURS . Then Mind Blowing Information on Prehistoric Seas & Sharks, Rocks, Gems & Minerals including Plate Tectonics, Incredible Insects.  Finally learn amazing facts about our Solar System and build a large Rocket with a paratrooper that actually flys!

Huge Box Of Specimens

  1. Large Ammonite
  2. Spinosaurus Tooth
  3. Dig Mosasaur Tooth from rock
  4. Lamna Oblique Shark Tooth
  5. Flourescent Minerals
  6. Magnetic Rocks
  7. Garnet Specimen
  8. Igneous Rocks
  9. Sedimentary Rocks
  10. Metamorphic Rocks
  11. Meteorite
  12. Gold Mining Activity
  13. Mohs Hardness – 9 specimens
  14. Trilobite in Matrix (Elrathia Kinghi)
  15. Rocks Special Properties
  16. Stegosaurus Wooden Model
  17. Big Rocket
  18. Make Your Own Shell Fossil
  19. Tumbling Insect
  20. Bubble Rock – Crystal Rock

New Classes Forming Soon

I have looked around for other classes like yours but there is nothing that comes close to the level of expertise you brought to your sessions!
Yes, please let me know about the next dinosaur expert class or any other that would run weekly and in the afternoons. We would definitely be interested in signing up again!
E. Dahlgren


Dinosaur Eggs, Dinosaur Footprints, How Fossils Form, Utah Fossil Dig & Dinosaur Teeth.  Start Dino Project – Instructions included on Zoom Invite & work on building wooden T-Rex.

At the end of this unit you’ll be able to identify almost every bone in any dinosaurs body.  Impress your friends at the Museum with your new found knowledge.  You’ll get detailed info on skull parts as well from several different dinosaurs.  Construct your new Dinosaur Model.

How did rival dinosaurs protect themselves?  All about claws, spikes, horns, sails, armour, head butting, speed & whip like tails.  Dino study: Velociraptor Claw & T-REX Tooth Replicas.  Detailed look at Protoceratops, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, Pachycephelosaurus, and more.

Dinosaur classification – hip bones.  Ornithischians, Saurischians, Sauropods, Theropods.  Big words?  Not for you after this session.  Detailed info on Stegosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex, Brachiosaurus.  And yes – Dinosaur Coprolite – Poop!

Mosasaurs, Icthyosaurs, Pliosaurs, Pteranodons, Pterodactyls, Quetzeolcoatles, Archeoptyrex and more!

– 72 pce Brick Building T-Rex Kit
– Giant 15-Inch Plush T-Rex
– Large Wooden T-REX To Build
– Twelve Toy Dinosaur Skeletons
– Cast of Genuine Velociraptor Claw
– Cast of Genuine T-Rex Tooth

– Genuine Fossil Spinosaurus Tooth
– Genuine Meteorite
– Large Genuine Fossil Dinosaur Bone
– Genuine Tecktite
– Genuine Fossil Dinosaur Eggshell Fragment
– Dinosaur Million Dollar Bill
– Dinosaur Glider
Plus hundreds of Downloadable Activity Pages sent weekly along with your Zoom Class Invite.


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