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A Real Fossil & Mineral Dig Right In Your Own Home…















Keep Your Kids Busy for Hours Discovering 100+ Genuine Fossils & Minerals.


Chip and brush away using safe wooden brushes (6 per block provided).

Uncover fossils such as:

REAL dinosaur bone
sea squid (orthoceras)
fossil clams
crinoid stems
sea urchins
shark teeth- Megalodon shark tooth
REAL rough rubies
amethyst crystals 
glittery pyrite (fool’s gold), and lots more!

Companion Fossil Guide Included

Click on Video above to view
How To Use Your Excavation Block

Click On Book Cover Above To Download Book.

Free ROCKETRY CLASS Books & Rocket Building Video Below

Quest Launcher.  I recommend this launcher as a really good starter launcher that is very well priced.  Click here to view product details.

Recommended Motor for your Rocket is a Estes A8-3.  Click here for product details.

Recovery Wadding.  You MUST use this in your rocket BEFORE putting in your parachute.  Click here for product details.

You need to use either any brand of baby powder or corn starch when folding your parachute to prevent the parachute from sticking together and for easy & quick opening when deployed.

Open up book above and then click AUDIO below to have book read to your child.

How To Eat Like A Dinosaur

by DINOSAURS ROCK | Click to Play...

Open up book above and then click AUDIO below to have book read to your child.

Open up book above and then click AUDIO below to have book read to your child.

Dinosaur Diorama

by DINOSAURS ROCK | Click to Play...
















Spectacular, diamond-like quartz crystals inside.
From Morocco – easy to break, unlike typical domestic geodes.
Approx size 2″-4″ each.
Set of 5 

GEOLOGY ROCKS & MINERALS Gemstone & Mineral Sorting Kit















You’ll love this assortment as these specimens are larger than others offering similar items.

You’ll get just over 2-lbs of
Green Calcite,
Large Quartz Crystals,
Geode Piece,
And lots more!

Polish Your Own AMBER – Will You Also Find A Prehistoric Insect?















FREE SHIPPING! This amber polishing kit includes 25 rough genuine fossil amber specimens, sandpaper plus complete easy-to-follow instructions…BONUS:

This kit also includes 1 Genuine Amber specimen with a plant or insect inclusion (1″-2″ specimen) guaranteed.

ROCK COLLECTION – Igneous, Metamorphic & Sedimentary















  • ID chart of 6 sample each of Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic Rocks.

  • Chart size: 7″ x 5 1/2″

  • Comes enclosed in plastic zip lock for safe-keeping.

  • Great geology, earth science resource for teachers or cub scouts.

  • Great rock and mineral gift or party favor.

Fantastic 18 piece Rock collection and ID chart of Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary rocks, clearly labeled and affixed to sturdy cardboard backing. 

Make Your Own Shark Tooth Necklaces
















Make-Your-Own Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace Kits – Set of 10

Fun and easy to create – Make your own shark tooth necklaces.

  • Kit includes materials for 10 necklaces: 10 pre-wired fossil shark teeth, plastic beads and cotton-waxed cord
  • Simply bead and knot the cord (no difficult clasps)
  • Great party or classroom activity
  • Makes great shark tooth necklaces designed by you!
  • Comes with complete, easy-to-make instruction sheet
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