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Insects Rock®

School Assembly


Your students will experience the following in a up-close, personal, hands-on approach…

  • Prehistoric Insects
  • Insect Life Cycles
  • Insects Anatomy
  • Adaptation
  • How A Fly Flies
  • And get detailed really cool info on: Mosquitoes – Fireflies – Cicadas – Bees – Ants – Butterflies – Dragonflies – Arachnids
Only the Best

The Visuals Are AMAZING!

All of our School Assembly Programs are Highly Visual & Highly Interactive.  INSECTS ROCK® Amazing Display, along with a very engaging Video Presentation (seen live here) and the dynamic Presentation By Our Professional Instructors Will Make This School Assembly One Of Your Favorites!

We Would Starve Without Bees

Did you know that over 1/3 of our food is pollination dependant?  How do bumble bees fly? A fascinating look at how insects manuever with those tiny wings.


Insect Adaptation


Your students will see various ways insects use special adaptive characteristics that enable them to be success in their particular environment.
Highly Educational & Interactive

Huge Display Of Insects

We’ll cover everything from Butterflies, Mosquitoes, Fireflies, Cicadas, Bees, Ants, Dragonflies and yes – we even throw in Arachnids – why?  Because they are so cool & kids love them!



A Detailed Look At One Of Natures Most Beautiful Insects

We’ll cover insect parts, insect life-cycle, everythibng you ever wanted to know about butterflies and more.
See Some Amazing Insects Captured Forever In Tree Sap – AMBER
Giant Prehistoric Insects

Scorpions, Millipedes & More

A Nine (9) Ft long Scorpion?  Glad they don’t live today!  Yes, prehistoric insects were HUGE and your students will see several of them in our presentation.
300-Million Year Old Insects

Insect Fossils

We’ll even bring in Insect Fossils that are easily well over 100-Million Years Old.  Fossils of Dragon Flies have been dated to 300-Million Years old!
Insect Life-Cycle


Students will view the entire life-cycle of a butterfly (fast motion photography) during our Keynote presentation plus get information on life-cycles of other insects as well.
Insect Eating Plants

Venus Fly Trap

Ouch!  I thought that was only in the Movies!  Yes – we’ll cover a couple of really cool plants that no fly ever wants to land on.  The Venus Fly Trap & The Purple Pitcher Plant will be featured here.

Activities For After The Show…

Take Home A Realistic Looking (Plastic) Cockroach

Investigate Real Insect X-Rays

Make Your Own Insect Rubbing Plate Picture


What Principals & PTA are Saying…

Brand New School Assembly


Prehistoric Insects, Insect Life Cycles, Insect Parts, Adaptation, How A Fly Flies, Mosquitoes, Fireflies, Cicadas, Bees, Ants, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Arachnids & More.



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