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The kids, LHS staff, Principal and I absolutely loved the assembly. The kids were jaw dropped excited throughout!! I know my own kids loved it!

Dinosaurs Rock did such an amazing job keeping all of the kids engaged.  Everything about the assembly was so fascinating.

D. Patel

PTA President, Lake Hiawatha Elementary School

Here is a actual DEMO of how we conduct our programs.

For a Private Demo please call us at (917) 375-4248.

Loads Of Specimens & Educational Downloads For You To Keep!

Engaging Education

Curriculum Aligned

Hands-On Exploration

Inspiring Future Scientists

Boost Engagement

Our expert speakers blend entertainment and education seamlessly. Your students will be spellbound as they journey through time to meet life-sized dinosaurs and uncover the secrets of the past.

We understand the importance of aligning with your curriculum. Our assemblies integrate seamlessly, enhancing what your students are already learning.

Witness the magic of learning through hands-on activities. Students get up close and personal with genuine fossils, sparking their curiosity and fostering a love for science.

By experiencing the thrill of discovery, your students’ interest in science will soar. Our assemblies inspire the next generation of paleontologists, geologists, and curious minds.

Captivating visuals, interactive sessions, and dynamic presentations keep your students engaged from start to finish. Learning becomes an adventure they’ll talk about for weeks!

  • Comes with link to Teacher & Student Study Guide and Fossil ID chart

  • Price based on number of students participating. Includes REAL fossils for distribution at later date – mailed to teacher/contact

  • Class customized for Grades PreK-6th grade

  • Scheduled at your convenience

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Highly Interactive Program using Genuine Specimens (Taxidermy – not live), Huge Display, Background “Keynote” Movie-Like Presentation that follows our Knowledgable Staff Speaking & Entertaining Your Students & Campers – This has become our Most Sought After Program!! Book Early.

  • You’ll learn fascinating facts on how we use items for the Oceans in our everyday lives.1

  • You’ll learn at least 3 ways on how the Oceans are savings our lives in the most unique ways with Sponges, Coral and Horseshoe Crabs.

  • Amazing facts about Sea Stars, Jellyfish and Lobsters.

  • Learn about what lies underneath the coldest place on earth – Antarctica.

  • See, touch & learn about Sharks.

  • Learn about Manta Rays, Sting Rays, & Blue Whales, Giant Crabs, Sea Horses, Isopods, Octopus, the Blob Fish and more.

  • Finish off with an incredible Sea Shell Dig where your students can keep and take home gorgeous Sea Shells from around the world, fossil shark teeth and more.

Grade Specific & Appropriate From Pre-K To 7th Grade: With Gems Rock You Are Going To Learn The Following:

  • Your younger grades will be amazed at how many items around your home are created from the rocks we take out of the ground and use in our everyday lives.

Grade Specific Topics:

  • Rocks As Earths Resources.

  • Learn Amazing Insights On How The Earth Was Formed.

  • How Rocks Are Formed.

  • How Rocks Are Broken Down – Weathering & Erosion.

  • Geologic Time And Physical Changes Through Time.

  • Plate Tectonics And The Large Scale Dynamic Forces That Affect The Earths Land, Water And Atmospheric Systems.

  • Volcanoes, Earthquakes And Tsunami’s – How They Are Created.

  • Earth & The Solar System.

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Your students will experience the following in a up-close, personal, hands-on approach…

  • Prehistoric Insects

  • Insect Life Cycles

  • Insect Anatomy

  • Adaptation

  • How A Fly Flies

  • And get detailed really cool info on: Mosquitoes – Fireflies – Cicadas – Bees – Ants – Butterflies – Dragonflies – Arachnids

Below are examples of genuine fossils, sea shells,plastic insects, and real minerals shipped to you to give to your students along with downlaodable study guides.

Below are examples of the downloadable study guides we provide for each of our programs.

Classroom Supplies.  
Visit our Dinosaurs Rock Superstore for more items.

A REAL FOSSIL MINERAL DIG Right In Your Own Classroom.  Dig, Find & Keep Over 200 Specimens.

More Info

Break-Your-Own Crystal Filled GEODE.
$29.99 for 5 Geodes

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Bulk Fossils – Teacher Samplers.  A Wide Variety Of Fossils At Our Lowest Prices You Can Share With Your Students.
$9.95 Per Pack

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18-Pce. Rock Collection.  Igneous, Metamorphic & Sedimentary

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Bulk Minerals – 1-LB Includes Over 40 Minerals.

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Larger Specimen Set Up at East Coast School Assemblies

Up & Down The East Coast – Boston Through Virginia – School Assemblies.

Thank you for presenting at the 2018 Mountain Avenue Science Fair.  Your presentation of “Dinosaurs Rock” was so engaging.  How special that our students were able to learn about the dinosaur fossils through the ages.  I am very appreciative that you shared your knowledge and real world experience with our awesome school community.  You make Mountain Avenue Marvelous!

Jaclyn Scott

Principal, Mountain Avenue Elementary School

Bay area & Southern California School Assemblies are a huge hit!


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Thousands visited the DINOSAURS ROCK fair attraction & exhibit and over 800 students attended the DINOSAURS ROCK School Assembly at the 82nd annual Mountain State Forest Festival in Elkins, WV this past week. Students went on a real fossil dig, taking home specimens such as genuine dinosaur bone, shark teeth, ammonites and more. Visit and
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